I have discovered that blogging has many side benefits that are not apparent from an outsider looking in.

This is what I have found to be the bonus benefits of blogging that you may find empowering and maybe enlightening.

  1. You will become a better writer: Just the discipline of sitting down and writing will improve your writing skills. Thinking and planning doesn’t cut it…action and doing does!
  2. You will learn: To write you have to read. There is a very distinct direct bonus from this activity. You will learn …a lot! Stephen King the novelist summed it up well ”If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”
  3. Become a champion researcher: You will also find the best ways to obtain information as you hunt down information and resources for your blog. You will identify global bloggers, resources and experts that will provide the insights and information you need to provide ongoing value to your readers.
  4. Synergizes and Synthesizes Focus: The act of writing and expressing yourself online will provide you with internal and external feedback that sharpens the intuition and focuses your mind. The benefits of a social interactive web is that it taps into the global mind that will provide you with the feedback loop that will sharpen and amplify your purpose and passion if you are willing to listen.
  5. Your creativity will increase: Nothing like a focused passion to improve your creativity.You will find that your brain will think more creatively as you move from conscious skills to unconscious and automatic activity, that frees up the thinking for out of the box thinking.
  6. Your memory will improve: Exercising the brain through writing and learning will provide much needed exercise for the neurons. Keeping the body fit requires physical exercise. The mind needs stimulation and activity as well to be mind fit. You will be amazed by what you will remember from participating in mental gymnastics provided by blogging activities. This will also have a the side benefit of looking more intelligent at cocktail parties and that has to be a good thing!
  7. Power networker: As you start to become noticed people will want to connect with you and catch up for a coffee or invite you to their events and gigs. What a great way to meet your tribe who love your topic as much as you do.
  8. Visibility – People will hear about you: People discover information online today, so if you want to be a discovered and become a visible expert then blogging and social media will provide you with the visibility. Conducting a Google search is how we find people and information today not the library or the town square unless you are a stalker. Geoffrey Rush the Oscar winning actor said “In my career two things have been vital.. Credibility and Visibility”
  9. Expert status: Perceived or real, the art of publishing online via blogging will transform you from an amateur to a professional. Keep doing this with enough passion, purpose and focus and you will become “that” expert on your chosen topic if you persist.
  10. Your video skills will improve: If you spend some time interviewing people with videos or even recording yourself to provide online education and “how to” tips via video, then your video skills will improve whether that is the lighting, the structure of the set or even the sound quality.

Blogging BenefitsBlogging as Self Fulfillment

Blogging for me has been a path to not only to self expression but self fulfillment that has become a journey of self discovery. I have found what works for me and what doesn’t. I write about topics that resonate with my soul and purpose while keeping focused and relevant.

These elements combined have provided an experience that has both changed me and others around me, both in the physical and cyber world. It is an exciting time to live where you can connect to your global tribe with rich multimedia that transcends time and place.

We all now have the power in our hands to make a difference and maybe leave a legacy. If you embrace this global and interactive social mind by participating actively you will be surprised and amazed as to where it will take you.
What About You

Has blogging changed you. What are the benefits you have discovered on your blogging journey?