How to Design a Website that Delivers in 5 Steps

The purpose of an effective web design is to facilitate the flow of content in the website and the interaction that revolves around it in order to build up the image that you want to convey to your target audience. With that in mind, you need a balanced approach for the design, involving style, function and ease of use.

Here are some of the most important elements of an effective web design coupled with ideas on how to properly execute each to serve the website’s purpose.

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Web Designers and Graphic Artists are people too!

Every day, there are more and more Craigslist posts seeking “artists” for everything from auto graphics to comic books to corporate logo designs. More people are finding themselves in need of some form of creative service.

But what they’re NOT doing, unfortunately, is realizing how rare someone with these particular talents can be.

To those who are “seeking artists”, let me ask you; How many people do you know, personally, with the talent and skill to perform the services you need? A dozen? Five? One? …none?

More than likely, you don’t know any. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be posting on Craigslist to find them.

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How to Finance Your Next Web Design

Whether you’re looking to have a website for personal use or something for a commercial business, there are quite a few things that you need to consider when it comes time to decide on a final design. One of the biggest factors to think about is the price.

You will want to decide if this is something you want to take on yourself or have someone else do for you. There is quite a large number of options out there for people who want to try their hand and making their own web designs, some of which are even free. Many business web hosting companies will allow the option of building your website right from their services.

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