Jason McCullough Digital Marketing Strategist

I am a digital marketing strategist helping brands build and maintain lead generation programs that shorten the sales cycle. I use paid advertising methods and multi-channel touch points (email, sms, and other automations) to help increase close ratio.

I create a digital marketing roadmap by collaborating with sales, management, and other key departments to create the best lead management experience possible. I also produce the ad creative and execute the roadmap.

I am comfortable at delegation, working with outside contractors and marketing agencies to create assets that the marketing department needs in order to get the best results possible that will help us drive quality traffic that meets a lead cost that works to hit an expected ROI.

The main thing that I am responsible for is results. I will monitor your funnel metrics, record them, and review with key stakeholders to get feedback on performance and make recommendations along the way on how to improve at each stage and then test one thing at a time to know what is working and what is not.